Video reading with Jessica and Nicole

Video reading with Jessica and Nicole


We are teaming up to offer video readings! This is an hour long session, where we use our psychic and mediumistic skills to help you explore various parts of your life. What’s better than receiving double the clarity? All you need is a computer and a quiet area. 

Please note - this is for one person only. (Group readings may be offered in the future.) All payments are due at the time of purchase. We will email you the video link on the day of your reading, shortly before it begins. Available times and dates are limited to weekends at the moment.

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Jessica Dewberry is a self-trained psychic and visionary of Msjdew | Intuitive, offering insights and services that help heal and shift our collective consciousness.

"Jessica has an incredible clairvoyant ability and answers every question you can come up with with effortless grace. She gets archetypal and symbolic images and interprets them with finesse in relation to your specific questions, giving you clarity, peace, and excitement about the amazing future that you are living into. I highly recommend booking a session with her - it could just change your life!" - Lars

"Finding Jessica in my journey has been such an incredible blessing. I was not only able to gain insight on my healing work throughout my previous lives, but I was able to better understand my journey and divine path in this lifetime. It became easy to stand strong in my power and accept my fait as a business entrepreneur and healer." - Anjali

Nicole Linde is a psychic medium, and intuitive. I offer psychic readings and mediumship readings. I am open in my readings to your questions and area of focus. My intentions are to tune in and see what comes up. A passed loved one may connect with me for a loving message for you in your life.

“Nicole brought my now deceased parents into view. She shared metaphoric images that had definite links to reality. The work I am struggling with was an image that came up and linked to the support of my ancestors. It was stunning. The connections Nicole made were well grounded in reality. The beauty was the transference of love and support that I received from my parents in relation to the work I struggle with. I could feel the connection with them, their encouragement and reassurance. It was like being a child again, feeling the care and support from my parents that I must now concentrate on giving tomyself. It was a wonderful reminder!”- Betsy L.

“ I had an amazing medium session with Nicole. My grandma came through and felt her presence through Nicole. She explained everything what she saw, felt and heard through  the soul of the spirit. Very precise and thoughtful messages. I could resonate with every singe one of them. Also got some advice from my grandma about my next steps and encouragement in my progress in life. Nicole did an amazing job delivering her messages just like the way my grandma would be here in person. Thank you again Nicole, for this great experience. -Erika S.”