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I love connecting to the spirit world to help you understand and gain clarity within your life. Whether it be personal relationships, career, life path, or a loving message from your in spirit. I am open to your questions and areas you wish to focus on.

No need to fear if you haven’t worked with me before. I don’t believe in curses, or trapped spirits, etc. In other words I don’t do fear based readings. I believe the spirit realm is a higher consciousness and vibration of love and light. The messages are focused on your higher self, and of those around you. As the mediator, your guides, passed loved ones, and angels send me impressions through my psychic senses. Our guides and spirit teams surround us during the readings to help bring clarity over concerns that arise during the session.

To read my short blog entries about my personal journey into mediumship/psychic development click on or ‘SPIRIT BLOG’ tab on my site.

XO, Nicole



“ I had an amazing medium session with Nicole. My grandma came through and felt her presence through Nicole. She explained everything what she saw, felt and heard through  the soul of the spirit. Very precise and thoughtful messages. I could resonate with every singe one of them. Also got some advice from my grandma about my next steps and encouragement in my progress in life. Nicole did an amazing job delivering her messages just like the way my grandma would be here in person. Thank you again Nicole, for this great experience”. -Erika S. , Toronto, Canada

”I am absolutely blown away by Nicole's craft! For years I connected to her art and always knew she was something special. Her stunning oracle deck continues to unlock my intuition deeper&deeper with every single sitting. I should have known how powerful a reading from Nicole would be, but there are certain feelings in life that nothing can prepare you for. Her sheer magic and knowledge really touched me and left me feeling in a state of bliss that someone could tap into my spirit in such a way. I will be processing her informational reading for weeks to come! Thank you Nicole.” -Sarah K., San Jose, CA

“I had a psychic and medium reading with Nicole and she is so insightful. She brought through so many validation details about my dad and my sister, that I had no doubt they were around. Nicole does a fantastic job of really delivering healing and uplifting messages that made me feel positive by the end of the reading. Highly recommend - Toni W. - Portland, OR

"Recently, I've been going through a difficult period in my life. I reached out to Nicole through one of her phone sessions. She is a revelation! She immediately put me in a space of trust and radiating warmth. Through my session with her, she visually described my soul, this is the best way to explain my experience. She saw a moving picture or portrait of me which she moved through in a gentle and illuminating way. So many levels and layers she attended to and revealed to me in her highly visual way which established clarity, and a connection of trust. A reading with Nicole is beautiful and transformative. I highly recommend her readings with a full heart." -Jennifer S., Los Angeles, CA

”I am so grateful for Nicole and for her sharing her beautiful gift with the world! In my intuitive reading with her, she confirmed many details that only her psychic abilities could have provided. She has brought me such great comfort and guidance. She also did a mediumship reading for my mom last night which was absolutely wonderful. Nicole is the real deal and I believe her abilities can help so many people!” - Stevie H., Placerville, CA

”Nicole did a reading for me recently and brought through a loved one whom I least expected to hear from - hearing his unexpected support of me warmed my heart. Nicole’s evidence was spot-on, right down to his name. Her delivery was both empathetic, professional, and kind. Nicole is such a sweet soul - highly recommend!” - Mary M. , Milwaukee, WI

”I have had several readings from different intuitives/mediums and Nicole is hands down the most accurate and touched on exactly what I really wanted information on. Getting to communicate to loved ones through Nicole was also Amazing. I highly recommend her and definitely will be having more sessions with her in the future. Thank you so much Nicole” - Kim C. Portland, OR

Nicole is FANTASTIC. I was drawn to her energy through finding her on Instagram and received mediumship as well as a life informing energy reading. She really provides details in her mediumship which were affirming of details there is no way she could have possibly known prior, and connecting with loved ones on the other side is always a truly unique and supportive experience. She also provided me with support by energetically tuning into some questions I had, and being a spiritual healer/teacher myself I can say her guidance was spot on and so in flow. Thank you Nicole cannot wait to work with you again!!” -Julie F. New York, NY

“Nicole brought my now deceased parents into view. She shared metaphoric images that had definite links to reality. The work I am struggling with was an image that came up and linked to the support of my ancestors. It was stunning. The connections Nicole made were well grounded in reality. The beauty was the transference of love and support that I received from my parents in relation to the work I struggle with. I could feel the connection with them, their encouragement and reassurance. It was like being a child again, feeling the care and support from my parents that I must now concentrate on giving tomyself. It was a wonderful reminder!”
- Betsy L. ,Portland, OR”

”I have to say that Nicole is one of the best mediums I have spoken to. She knew about my boyfriends passing and how it happened. There’s no possible way she could know this as we live in different counties. She also spoke about my grandmother who I miss dearly. There is no doubt in my mind that Nicole has a very special gift and I really appreciate the reading. I will be coming to her for my next reading” - Stephanie F., UK

”I had a wonderful experience with a combination reading. I had no doubt that Nicole was tapped into my ancestors. She gave accurate information that confirmed the messages from Spirit. She has a lovely sweet energy and is a gifted medium!
-Jackie H., McMinnville, OR

”I had a wonderful reading with Nicole. She was able to communicate with my husbands spirit and bring peace to my life. Thank you, Nicole” ~Patti S., Minneapolis, MN

”Nicole is wonderful! She has a sweet and sincere energy that helps information flow. Nicole was able to connect with my grandparents and validate things that no one else could possibly know. I was also surprised to receive messages from a friend that passed recently. Overall, I found the experience to be very soothing to the soul.” - Millie A. , Portland, OR

”Nicole, do you know how special you are?? I hope so! Thank you for my reading today. This was an early birthday present to myself. You were completely in tune with my needs and knew things that amazed me. You were able to see and reveal things that no one in the world would know. You used your gifts to shed light and clarification on issues I had been holding deep inside. Thank you for ending my day in a very positive note. Many blessings and I am already looking forward to my next reading.” - Michaela, TX

”I have had several readings from Nicole! Love this Angel! I love her freshness, her integrity, utter truth and her vulnerability. She is spontaneous and says exactly what she sees/hears/feels. She has been such a help to me, especially great when I have been anxious and confused! Thank you Dear Nicole!!” - Kim C. , Corpus Christi, TX

”Nicole is a deeply loving straight shooter from the heart. Her heart-centered approach allows her to go deep and go far with her readings. If you are seeking clarity and empowerment in your life choices, and/or connection to a crossed-over loved one, I highly recommend Nicole!” - Tricia M., Portland, OR

”Two friends had readings by Nicole and highly recommended her. I felt I needed a little help finding a way of moving forward in my life and booked a half hour session. I should have booked a longer one! I had no expectations of what would happen during our conversation. Nicole immediately identified aspects of my personality, the things that are distractions, where my interests and passions are, and how to continue to explore and learn and enrich and express myself. She also shared with me the symbols my grandmothers use to communicate to me that they are still with me. I cried! Thank you so much, Nicole.” - Rebecca H, Rancho Cordova, CA