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This post is about Spirit guides, parallel messages, and synchronicities. 

Do you know who your spirit guides are? I feel we have many guides over our life time, some of them are with us for long while, some for short time, some for a specific transition or challenging time in our life. Pictured here one of my guides, (my Irish Catholic ☘️ grandma in the car ) I find it funny because I don’t know if mediumship would have been something she would have approved of when she was alive, but in spirit she’s played a helping hand in directing me to developing my gifts She passed away 6yrs ago yesterday. 🦋 Some people are able to guide us better from spiritworld then when they were here. I believe for a variety of reasons, religious beliefs, family conflicts, ego, or it may not be in each person’s individual soul contracts during their lifetime to guide us.  Today I had a client whom I connected with a few or her family members in spirit. One of those was her own religious grandma similar to mine.

My client wanted some intuitive advice about her career and to see if I could see who her spirit guides were. Usually I recommend a person meditate to find out who their other guides are, outside of any family members in spirit that are guides. However, after she asked the question, I saw a very tall man who I knew intuitively was not a family member. He was abnormally tall and I heard  “old soul”...He showed me tarot cards and had a strong green light around him. I understood this to be one of her guides. 🥰 I also understood him to be guiding her to develop her spiritual gifts. I told her this, and she said yes she’s been reading tarot cards here and there for friends. Shes wondering if she should develop this further. And she’s feels like she is being drawn toward metaphysical community  I felt this a perfect example of how we can pick up a temporary guide who will help is in our career or spiritual growth! Furthermore, her grandma in spirit who I had also communicated with earlier in the reading stood near him. So I felt her religious grandma was also a guide for her in developing her gifts.

 I believe readings are synchronized before hand from the spiritworld. The similarities from her grandma and mine. Both helpers to guide us towards our spiritual gifts, and that this reading was anniversary of my grandma’s death was a sign and reminder of my own spiritual journey🦋🥰 

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Nicole Linde
Metaphysical & Psychic Fairs

If you live in Portland, OR area or Salem, OR come see me at a fair for a mini reading.

Some reasons that I love to read at fairs? It’s a great atmosphere for lightworkers and healers to be surrounded in. There is a variety of different types of healers and services they offer. Reiki, intuitive, tarot, crystals, mediumship, intuitive eye, energy healing, and so on.

I love the spontaneity energy that happens at fairs . Some people may drive by and suddenly feel themselves drawn to stop in. Some people plan to go, but don’t know who they will see that time. Some people might have never had a reading before, and this is a good place to try one out. Whatever the reason for coming to the fair that day, your intuition and guides led you there.

What are ‘mini readings’ ? These are essentially similar to the readings I offer here on my site, except they are shorter in length. This is because of the number of people that I give readings to at the fair is a lot more then how many I do in my regular work day. Also keep in mind sometimes the fair is quiet loud and busy. It’s not going to be as quiet, private, and in depth as a session booked on my website. However, I am always surprised at how much healing can be packed into a shorter session.
Come say hello at the next fair, and get a feeling for the metaphysical community near you.

:) Nicole

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Nicole Linde

I wanted to share a beautiful piece from a reading I did the other day. 🙏 I find it’s a good example of how I could have not trusted what I was receiving from spirit because I didn’t understand the info. That’s exactly why we “give what we get” as a medium. It’s not about us or rather our information, our story to understand... It’s between the sitter and their loved on in spirit. 💖 I was giving a reading to a woman who wanted to connect with her father who had passed away. After connecting with him for a few minutes, she wanted to know if he had a message for her or any signs from him. I immediately saw footprints 👣
I noted it in my mind but ignored it at first because it didn’t seem specific enough. I asked mentally again for a message or sign from her dad in spirit. He showed me footprints walking again👣. I told her what I saw, shrugged apologetically and said “all he’s giving me is footprints “🤷‍♀️ She gasped and immediately started crying.
She said “yes that makes so much sense. The poem about footprints in the sand. It was his favorite and he read that to me shortly before he passed“ ♥️
......👁Here is the poem 🙏🦋....’Footprints In The Sand’ by Mary Stevenson 🌹🌈👣 “Last night I had a dream. I dreamed I was walking along the beach
with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene,
I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonged to me,
the other to the Lord.

After the last scene of my life flashed before me, I looked back at
the footprints in the sand. I noticed that at many times along the path of
my life, especially at the very lowest and saddest times, there was only
one set of footprints.

This really troubled me, so I asked the Lord about it. "Lord, you
said once I decided to follow you, You'd walk with me all the way. But I
noticed that during the saddest and most troublesome times of my life,
there was only one set of footprints. I don't understand why, when
I needed You the most, You would leave me." The Lord replied, "My son, my precious child, I love you and I would
never leave you. During your times of suffering, when you could see
only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you."

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Nicole Linde
My grandma Mary, signs from our family & friends in spirit

Do you notice your connection with your loved ones in spirit comes and goes? I often hear people say that they don’t hear or feel close to their loved one in spirit as much as they use to. I wanted to share an example of how one of my people in spirit, my grandma Mary has communicated with me over the years.

My own people do come in and go like waves of the ocean. Similar to tides, the communication becomes low or high at different times in my life. My grandma Mary and my dad, have been consistently stronger connections. While I hear from them more often then other family and friends in spirit. I also feel like they take turns. I’ll will hear or experience many signs from my dad in a row, then he fades for awhile. This makes room for another loved one to come in with a message. Usually, if I don’t hear from one person for awhile it’s because another one is showing up a lot. If you’re open to hearing from any of your people in spirit, then you will probably experience more over all messages then if you’re focused on one individual.

My grandma Mary has been a guide in mediumship & psychic development for awhile now. She is the one who drew me closer to it after I had pushed it away our of fear, years ago. About 4 years ago, and only a year after she passed away, she came to me in a dream. I was at a crossroads in life decisions at the time. Without going into too many details, she presented me with two options. She told me there are two paths to choose from right now. Also, not worry too much about choosing one path over the other because they would cross and become one later. The day after that dream, I was drawn to a friends post about a well known psychic medium on my social media feed. I noticed he was having an event in the city I lived in at the time. I had never been to a platform reading event, or had a reading from anyone except a tarot reader years before. I felt drawn to the event and I bought a ticket. I sat in the back of the auditorium so I could observe, hoping to not engage.

The medium brought through a few other people in spirit for members of the audience and gave them readings. Then sure enough out of hundreds of people there, my grandma came through with evidence that no one could take but me. I almost didn’t raise my hand because I was feeling shy, but felt bad if I just left the medium hanging when clearly this was grandma Mary. When I claimed her, he went into more specific details about her, my mother, their relationship, and then he focused on me. He said something along the lines of “so you’re already doing this work? you’re a medium too? “ I shook my head no, and was a little shocked at what he was saying. He continued encouraged me to develop my skills and told me I was very intuitive. He also said that I was going to be writing about my experiences too. And so I am.

After the reading, I was walking around for weeks, mind blown. I was reminded of the tarot reader I had a reading with so many years previous to this. He also told me I had “gifts” after I suddenly blurted out his birthday and a few other details about him that popped in my head suddenly while he was reading my cards. I met him by chance at a lounge area of a restaurant where he was offering readings. I wanted him to explain to me the ghost I’d seen in my apartment too. He offered to help me begin to develop my skills but I wasn’t in the right place with my own energy at the time. I was numbing myself a lot, and I constantly felt drained all the time from other people. I learned later that this is usually what happens to empaths and sensitives who aren’t developing their gifts. This is because we don’t understand our own energy yet and how to separate from others.

During the years my grandma has consistently come through to other mediums and myself with encouragement around my spiritual path. The medium messages event was inspiring, and I loved to how touching it was for others to hear from their loved ones in spirit. I realized this was one of the paths my grandma was talking about, I knew she guided me to the event shortly after that visitation dream. A few months later I became pregnant with my second child and it took me another few years until I had the time to begin taking workshops. I still had a lot of fear around the whole psychic/medium development “idea” in my head. Now I can see that the fear I had around the “idea” of mediumship development all had to do with my own lack of sitting with my own energies. This is why my mediumship teachers often talk about self development as a parallel to mediumship development. They really go hand in hand.

Just recently, I became aware my grandma was trying to get my attention again, after seeing her name Mary, three times in a few days. I was waiting for more signs, clearer signs to understand her message. I attended a few circles, and she came through to three mediums. I have many people in spirit, so I also took note that she was the only one who came through during a the circles. She had a similar message with them all which makes sense for me right now. During that week I had the readings, she came to me in a visitation dream as well. She showed me pictures in my photo album from a visit to their house in Arizona when I was a teenager. In the dream I was looking at a photo of her and my grandpa I had took. Then the still images of them began moving. My grandparents stepped out of the photo and they were right with me, it was all very vivid. I knew she wanted me to look for those photos when I woke up. So, I found a few and included one of them here, bottom right picture. The upper left photo is my older sister and I sitting with her when we were young. The other two images are cards from my oracle deck.

If you don’t hear from your love on in spirit, does this mean they aren’t around you? In my experiences of doing mediumship readings, I do feel like they’re just a radio station away. All you have to do is turn the radio station to “dad” or “aunt "grandma” station and be receptive to the song they’d like to play for you. The “song” meaning it might literally be a song that you hear on the radio you just know is a sign from them. Or the “song” might be a sign like a specific bird, butterfly, hummingbird, or rainbow that appears suddenly. Signs might show up right before an important decision or crossroads in your life. You might start noticing repetitious or synchronistic signs, numbers, words, symbols or suddenly see their name appear everywhere. Maybe you’ve been blessed to have a spirit visitation dream from them. So I do believe they are here and there, everywhere. And I strongly believe every human that passes back into spirit loves us unconditionally. As soon as we pass into spirit we are egoless, we are one with everything.

Try not be too hard on yourself for whatever decisions you make, we are a part of a bigger mystery, involving soul contracts we signed before our birth. While we only get glimpses of understanding during our life, we can trust in knowing that our soul is here to learn. All decisions lead to a deeper understanding and truths in our lives. We are here to learn and evolve. We are here to love ourselves and each other during our short time on earth. When we act out of a place of self love then we consciously make a decision from our authentic selves. So, I will say thanks grandma Mary for the messages and blog inspiration. Love, Nicole

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Nicole Linde
Communication between realms, what your loved ones in spirit teach me

Your loved ones in spirit are always around you, and give signs in many ways. I felt inspired to share a few I’ve experienced during my readings.

Your loved one may bring up advice based on how they did things while alive to help you in your present situation. I was speaking with a client who wanted to connect to her grandma for some guidance about a realtive. I picked up on sensitive subject about the relative. I verified with my client her relative had been sexually abused and was experiencing a lot of anxiety and trauma. I telepathically asked their grandma to show me what we can do to help her. The grandma in spirit showed me a pestle and mortar with some herbs in it. I heard the words “catnip, and st.john’s wart”. Then she showed me a bottle of pills. I told my client about the herbs. I also said, "I don’t know about catnip but I know that st.johns wart is usually used for depression. You might want to look into catnip later. I feel like your relative is on medication for anxiety or depression, and your grandma is showing me there may be alternative ways to treat these symptoms.” She confirmed that the girl was on medication for depression. I told her “However, I am not a medical medium or professional doctor. I always tell my clients to check with a professional when any medical advice comes through.

My client was thankful, she said “That’s so interesting because my grandma often used herbs for aliments! “
I also saw her grandma as a very hard worker, and one who continually nurtured others. I saw a white line drawn from her grandma to my client. When I get the white line symbol it usually means they share something in common. I said to her, “I feel like your grandma was a very hard worker and you are also. She’s making me aware that you should take time for yourself and self care so you can continue to help others.” My client thanked me and said she was going to look into herbs to help her relative.

Messages and suggestions from our past loved ones might repeat in readings years later. Do you feel like time in the spirit world is different then ours? I do. I think years may pass in human/earth time, perhaps it’s only been a second in the spirit realm. This reading was an example of how a message from spirit might repeat again to several mediums when they feel it’s important, even if years have passed.

I was connecting to my clients father. During the connection he brought up a dog. I felt like this dog was here, and not in spirit. Possibly her dog. I asked if she has a dog, she said yes. Then I saw a horse standing in front of a stable. I saw my client close to the horse with her hand on the horses body. She was doing animal reiki or animal communication. I said “Your dad’s showing me a horse now. I see you standing next to the horse doing energy healing. It’s either reiki or animal communication. Do you do this?” She said “No, but I’ve always loved horses!” I told her that I felt she may want to look into energy healing with horses and animals if she was drawn toward it. She thought that was interesting and then we continued on with other elements in the reading.

After the reading, she said “You know what’s really interesting? The last time I had a psychic reading my father came through too. And he brought up the horses. That was five years ago. I had forgotten about it until now. I will definitely take it as a sign. “

Our passed loved ones are leaving us signs and messages in our daily lives that are a part of who they were. During a reading I first connectied to a clients dad, and then her grandma’s presence became strong. I switched to focus on him. Pieces of evidence of her grandma’s appearance, and a memory came through. As we were reaching close to end of our reading, my client asked if her grandma had a message. I asked her grandma mentally “Please give me a sign or message for your granddaughter”. The grandma showed me a small coffee cup, like an espresso cup and drank it. I relayed the message to the sitter. My rational & critical mind was saying “that’s not good enough, what kind of message is that? Drinking a cup of coffee?”To my surprise my client looked up and said “a small coffee cup, like an espresso cup?” “Yes” I said. The sitter told me “Omg! that’s what I was drinking this morning. I had grabbed a cup from top shelf and it had some grinds in it. I took it as a sign from about my dad and grandma who loved coffee. In my culture we have a tradition of honoring our past loved ones by pouring a cup of coffee and leaving it out for them. This morning I thought about how I hadn’t done that for them yet, and I should really do that! I love that grandma is giving me a message about that.”

As the medium, sometimes or maybe often we dont know the meaning of what comes through. That’s why we are taught to “give what we get” It’s a three way conversation, and the meaning within the message was from spirit to her.

Our loved ones in spirit speak to us through our clairaudience (clear hearing) too. This may sound like they are inside of our head like an inner ear picking up bits of conversation. When this has happened to me, with those who are close to me in spirit. Their voice sounds very clear, there isn’t any thinking or constructing like a memory of their voice would be. It’s as though their voice is directly speaking in your head telepathically. It may be a phrase that they use to say, or a way that they comment about a situation. It would be very familiar and recognizable, as if they are really in the room with you. I was connecting to her husband and he showed me a large plant that I felt was in her living room or by a TV. Then I heard him say “she talks to the plant like it’s me talking to her” I wasn’t really sure how to say this to her. I said to her “Do you have a tall plant, or specific plant in your living room right next to your TV that reminds you of your husband or you think about him when you see it?”
She looked puzzled at first and said “ Well, I have a lot of plants in my house…oh yes, there is a tall one right next to my husbands ashes, and by the tv in the living room.”
”Do you hear him talking to you?” I asked. She said “After he passed away, I use to hear him talking to me all the time. I don’t as much anymore. I wish I did” I told her “He’s always around you, all you have to do is make the intention to hear his voice, and he will communicate in some way.” She nodded. We hugged after the reading.

Spirit often speaks through animals, as a messenger. I was connecting to a woman’s mom, and right away then I saw birds in a bird nest. Which I thought was interesting because most of the time I at least get a little bit of a description of what the person in spirit before symbol or messages. I told her what I was seeing, she said “Yes, that’s my symbol from my mom and there’s a birds nest outside my window. I think of her when I see it.”
 Then I told her “I see the bird singing a beautiful song. I feel like she’s singing you morning songs” 
She told me “My mom loved to sing, and she has come through to other mediums the same way.”

Your loved ones in spirit can bring comic relief during readings. Usually in aspects of their personality or how their physical self looked. Another clients mom I was connecting to, I wasn’t getting a lot of physical features when she appeared clairvoyantly. A little of how her hair looked and her physical size. I asked her mentally “Would you please show me more about how you look?” I suddenly saw her fancy shoes, and then her bare feet she was wiggling her toes.  I said “Your mom is showing me a lot of nice shoes, did she like to wear nice shoes? And also, I don’t know why but she’s showing me her bare feet. Moving her toes around. I don’t know if she had problems with her feet or why she’s showing me them…”
My client said ”Yes, she was very proud of her feet. She thought they were very beautiful, and small. She would show them off!” We looked at each other and laughed.

Our loved ones often bring up sentimental items they gave you, or once had in their life.
When connecting to the clients grandparents. Her grandpa showed me a black and white photo of their marriage. I relayed the message to her. She said “Ooh, yes I have a black and white photo of them from their wedding in my living room!” When spirit brings up material things, jewelry, photos, presents, etc. it’s sentimental memories in physical forms.

Sometimes they will bring up a will, property, or estate that may have been left behind. It comes up quite often. People often ask if their love one is happy with the way it played out, or other materials they’ve left behind for them and family. As far as I understand when we transform into spirit we are egoless. If there’s a conflict happening, the messages are usually about conflict resolution in the family. They usually express love and concern for their family left behind, and wishing them to make peace.

Your loved ones in spirit may use songs as messages. Have you ever turned on the radio after just thinking about your loved on on the other side and the song that’s playing makes so much sense? Or do you have a song that you’ve noticed plays often reminding you of them? When connecting to my client’s grandma, I saw her holding a bluebird in her hands. I told her what I saw, but she wasn’t sure at the time what it meant. “I said just keep it in mind, I feel like it’s her sign to you. You might see a bluebird when you least expect it. Sometimes people don’t understand the symbols or messages that come through at the time. Either they don’t remember certain memories, or parts of their loved ones life. Or they don’t understand a symbol such as the bluebird that her grandma showed me during this reading. That’s why it’s nice to have a pen & paper to write down elements during the reading because it may make sense afterward.

In an email later, she said she understood the bluebird sign/symbol. She said she heard the song “Somewhere over the rainbow” the other day. Immediately she knew it was a sign from her grandma who she was so close to. Her grandma loved Wizard of Oz, it was her favorite movie. What a beautiful message. Here are the lyrics, remember spirit is around supporting you.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
Way above the chimney tops,
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?”

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Nicole Linde
Channeling in creativity and during readings

This picture came up in a social media fb memories today. I feel like it was a nudge to talk about similarities/differences in channeling between painting and psychic mediumship readings. I’ve felt like writing about this for awhile now, but every time I would begin, I felt really distracted so I’d let it go. Then I had a few clients who were transitioning from various creative fields to the healing arts, and I felt nudged to write again. So here’s some thoughts from my own experiences as an artist and psychic medium. I’m really just going with the flow in these blogs, almost automatic writing with some editing.

I’ve been an artist for many years, since I can remember really. My mom said I had imagery friends who I played with when I was young, I also wrote stories and painted a lot. My family is full of creatives, sensitives, empaths, and some tune with their psychic abilities. I consider people with schizophrenia to have uncontrolled mediumistic abilities. I have a few in my family, but that’s another blog to write about.

So, I’ve been sensitive to energies my whole life, and I didn’t understand how to deal with them. When I went to art college I learned about all sorts of artists, their styles, and visions. I’ve traveled and studied abroad, had scholarships, made clothes, written stories, made abstract videos, and painted so many pictures. If you look at my art as far back as high school you will see the thread of supernatural, cosmic, and mediumship themes from the begining. My first self portrait in high school was ethereal, black and white my face emerging from clouds. I see now that I’ve been channeling my spirituality through my art since I was young. Intuitively gravitated to the creative language for this expression.

When creating our crown chakra is open to the divine. Creativity is expansive in nature, and often inspired by larger forces then ourselves. When we’re in a flow we raise our vibration. Flow goes up and down. There’s a resistance that happens at times when creating, just as there is at times when doing readings. The key is to get out of your own way in both.

While I usually enjoy channeling during the creative process. I didn’t enjoy the delay in the process from creating a painting until it’s shown. For me, the energy often feels like it gets a little disconnecting during the lapse of time until it’s seen in either a gallery or online. For me that delay always felt strange. When we are creating, we are downloading from higher realms into art. Then we show our download to the audience and hopefully receive feedback. This seems like like too many steps for me. I’d rather be live streaming, like in a reading.

I do enjoy if people feel some connection or transcendence within themselves when viewing or experiencing art. Art can be very powerful, and touching to the soul. The messages that flow through art. This was often a drive for me to continue creating.

Messages have been flowing through art since the beginning of time. The idea of messages aren’t new me. Specific messages from past loved ones to the sitter, or from guides in a psychic reading are. This feels quite natural and so the expanded idea of a message has developed for me since my psychic mediumship development began. The energy and gratitude I feel after a reading with a past loved one who was touched by the evidence, and messages are so powerful. I feel very honored to be apart of this connection. I feel the healing and love too. For me it’s difficult to compare a painting that I sold even to the most enthusiastic art fan, to the feeling of a beautiful message from spirit.

Creating and channeling are both sensory experiences. We use our entire body and the ethereal realms to channel in both. All of our senses, imagination, and dream state happens in both. When we connect to spirit I’m using my bodies senses ‘clairs’ to paint a picture of who this person is. I’m being receptive and allowing their specific energy to run through me. When I’m in a clear receptive flow while painting, I often feel like I’m in another state of mind too, and things flow easy. When I’m truly allowing my guides to flow through me it’s as if I didn’t paint the picture, someone else did, I’m just the medium.

So it makes sense that I’ve met several mediums and healers who are also artists, writers, musicians. Some who are wondering and being pulled into it, and some just curious. I’ve also heard teachers say that creatives usually adapt and pick up quite naturally in psychic and mediumship development because of their sensitivities. We are already channeling, just in a different way. Creatives and psychic mediums are both outside the traditional career box. Neither of them are “easy roads” but both are worth it if you are pulled in by them. They both take a leap of faith, risks, and a lot of trust in oneself. When we are feeling doubtful of our path, we could ask ourselves, is our soul meant to fit inside the box?

I want to encourage anyone who feels they are drawn to healing professions to listen to their intuition.
Creativity is a part of me and while I may not be painting much right now, I’m sure it will come around again. Painting has taken a back seat to psychic mediumship development, clients, and that’s totally ok with me! I love the path that I’m on and am feeling so grateful for the growth and healing spirit has brought me :)

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Nicole Linde
Who's there?

In my last blog I spoke about the triangle of energy during a mediumship reading. The presence of at least 3 people the medium, sitter, and passed loved one we are connecting to during the reading. I also noted that there is usually more passed loved ones in the readings besides the one we are communicating with at the time. 

In this blog I want to focus on the third energies I sense while giving an intuitive/ psychic reading.
During psychic readings I experience energies coming from spirit world. There is no doubt in my mind that most of the information I receive comes from a third party that includes; our guides, passed loved ones, angels, higher self, etc. They send me psychic impressions, through my clairs, just like in mediumship. I’m connecting with in the same sacred space. The difference is during a mediumship reading I am creating a link with a persons past loved one. I focus on specific communication from them to the sitter, and I know who I’m speaking with. In psychic readings I don’t often know who is there. I do get a feeling they all take turns speaking, like a spiritual council.

In a psychic reading I either receive impressions right away to the clients concerns or I ask mentally to the spirit world. I like to imagine the universe full of everything you’ve experienced and all the energetic imprints of what has happened, what is happening, what could happen exisiting in an ethereal space. The higher realm sends me images, thoughts, dates, feelings, people, details to try and bring clarity to your questions. Only I am just a tiny point within this sea of space, that is working hard to try and translate the expansive data of information that’s being squeezed and funneled into my limited human brain. Its subtle, its fast, and it’s a little like fishing. These readings take just as much trust in oneself as the mediumship readings do to translate and articulate to the sitter.

Keep in mind the predictions and suggestions are not written in stone. I believe they show us what is, and what could be. Does this mean that you can just sit back and wait for things to happen for you? No and Yes. I think there is some action that’s required to manifest, and align yourself with the presented information.
I always tell my clients to also check in with themselves and their own intuition as well. The choice is always yours to make, no matter what any psychic tells you. You may not like what a psychic sees for you in a reading. Just remember you will have free will, so there’s nothing to fear.

I recently gave a mediumship reading to a woman who told me about a psychic reading she had 8 years ago. She said she was in her garden the other day and suddenly thought of this reading she had many years ago. The psychic told her that she would be self employed and have her own business, amongst other insights. She remembered doubting the psychic during her reading. And thinking to herself “Well that can’t be right. I would never have my own business, I’ve never had the desire and I like working for other people.” Years later she recalls this reading while standing in the garden and house the psychic described. She was taking a break from her work. She was self-employed and ran her own business just like her reading 8 yrs ago had predicted. She said she was amazed, because she had doubted so many of the details that was said in the reading that turned out to be true. I love this story because in our instant gratification society, we can be so short sighted, and dismiss not only our own intuition but others as well.

I see a reading as your life’s snapshot for the moment, possibilities, potentials from a higher self’s view to guide you. We all come here to experience different lessons on earth. How to love ourselves and others.

Our guides in the spirit world are holding a flashlight, helping to shine a light on our path for us. They want what’s best for you, serving as our guides, but they cannot do it for you. I also think
our past, present, and future is a part of a much larger picture we often don’t understand with our human minds.

Also, I don’t know all the science explanation behind psychic energy. I know it touches in the realms of quantum physics and neuroscience. As much as I love science I don’t need it to explain everything for me on a material level. Giving science that much power, is like making it the religion of our time. I’m not going to wait around for another thousand years for it to explain the spirit world on a material level, so I can believe in it. I already believe because of the evidence that spirit shows me, and that’s my truth :)

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Nicole Linde
Triangle of Energy

The other day while I was painting a triangle kept coming up. I feel like the triangle is a symbol for energetic dynamics within a mediumship reading. This felt like a way for me to explain the dynamic of a psychic mediumship reading for those who haven’t had a reading before. Or for those who have had readings before and curious how the process feels from a mediums perspective.

The triangle has 3 energy points. The focus is on 3 people during a session. I say three as a concentrated flow between the medium, sitter, and their past loved one in spirit.

Most likely there’s many more of us in the reading then 3. Usually several passed loved ones with us, animals, guides and angels. However, when medium’s connect our intention is often to speak to one spirit at a time like in a conversation. Mediums begin by receiving parts the person’s identity, background, personality, perhaps how they passed, relationship to the sitter, and other bits of their life that they want to share with you. All in very short period of time. Like trying to squeeze a life story into a condensed time. Hopefully we translate enough from their loved one during the reading with any messages that may through from them.

Just imagine, say 7 people in the room with you, all excited to connect and speaking all at once to you! And while they are doing this you are on the phone with your client whom you need to translate their conversation to. I use phone as an example and metaphor. While I do phone readings, I’m also thinking of it as a metaphor for the process of the reading. It can be challenging enough having just the three of us talking, flowing together with a strong connection, let alone 7!

Now imagine that all the people in the room want to speak to you, and can only express themselves through charades, symbols, numbers, dates, and bits and pieces of how they look, feelings, images, a few memories and words. You are the translator during this conversation. Say the sitter speaks English, the person in spirit speaks French, and you the medium is bilingual.

You probably get the idea of how easy it can be to misinterpret whose stuff belongs to who if everyone is chatting at the same time. This is why I ask please for one spirit to step forward at a time. I found that even if I’m having a strong link with one spirit, occasionally I still get bits and pieces that belong to another spirit or the sitter. If I find myself picking up a thread of details, then it’s probably time to wrap it up with the first person I’m speaking with so the other person can have their chance to talk. Once I’ve established boundaries with spirits the others usually step back until it’s their turn.

This is not a conversation between your passed loved one and me the medium only. The energy triangle is a three way conversation. I do believe what you put in you get out. If you are open, receptive, and excited for a reading, then you will most likely get more out of the experience. Imagine sitting in a room together with three people here on earth, and only two people were talking and the third sat passively closed off. It would feel awkward and wouldn’t flow as naturally and can be like pulling teeth. Luckily, I’ve only had a few readings like this, and within those it wasn’t for the entire length of the session. But it did help me become aware of the dynamics within a reading.

Once the medium has connected to evidence and message from the person in spirit it can be a good time to bring up specific questions. This isn’t a set rule, you many not have any questions, and that’s totally fine too. I find most people do have a few questions, and some have the opposite problem. They ask so many questions at once it could overwhelm the medium. Again I find most readings flow naturally. Breaking down aspects of a readings helps me to have a clearer understanding of them myself and hopefully for anyone who may be reading this.

It can be helpful to have a pen and paper with you during a reading. There can be a lot of information and emotional at times. If you don’t have it with you during the session, then write down key points you remember soon after. It’s easy to forget parts of the reading that resonated with you, but if you took notes you can reflect later and perhaps gain even more clarity :)

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Nicole Linde

One thing to keep in mind when you have a reading is neither you nor the medium has control over who in the spirit world will come in during a reading to connect with you. Even though I thought I understood this, I was surprised during a reading the other day, when the first spirit who came through was someone who was not very close to the sitter in life. Also the client wasn’t even sure who the person was for a good portion of the reading. In this case as I describe below, I had to really trust myself, and trust spirit, knowing that this person in spirit was here for a reason. In these moments of uncertainties, it took a lot for me keep the connections open, flowing and trusting in spirit and myself.

When I start a mediumship reading I try to see who is with us. Sometimes it’s one person, but usually it’s several and I have to ask who would like to step forward and talk first. In this case the strongest spirit was an aunt energy coming in, along with a grandma, grandpa, and a dog in spirit. 

The aunt energy was coming through with the strongest energy, so I decided to focus on her and let her go first to step forward. I described a little of how she looked and then immediately saw her standing behind the client helping her write something. I heard grant. Writing a grant. I felt like that was the message right away from the aunt spirit to the sitter, that she was her helper. I explained all this, and the client confirmed that she just wrote a grant, but wasn’t sure who this woman was. She felt it may be a great aunt, but wasn’t sure who it was yet. The aunt spirit gave me a few more pieces of evidence, which the sitter wasn’t sure about yet, and so I could feel myself getting a little rattled and wanting to contract. So I decided to mentally ask her to step back and focus on who else wanted to speak up. The grandparents were still there, and I was able to get a connection with them, with a few memories, and then the dog was coming in very strong and wanted to speak. I went in with pieces of evidence including a vision I described the dog giving me, and the sitter told me she had the same vision the other night right as she was falling asleep given from her dog in spirit.

All this was flowing pretty well, but I could feel the aunt energy coming in again. This is where my rational mind wanted to just let go of her because my ego was getting thrown off when I was getting several I don’t knows in a row. I couldn’t figure out why the great aunt wanted to connect! But it’s not for me to decide and luckily the aunt gave me several more pieces of evidence including more on how she looked, and family dynamics.
Between those pieces of info the client realized which great aunt it was, her grandpa the one who I had been connecting with younger sister. All the description fit her very well. The client had known her great aunt for parts of her life but wasn’t really close to her.

I felt ok after getting the missing pieces to the puzzle, so I asked if there was any other questions, or people she wanted me to connect to. She asked if I could connect to a teacher who had passed. Immediately he came in, physical description, somethings about their relationship, and message. Over all I felt like it was a good reading with connections to several passed loved ones and messages.

However after the reading throughout the evening, something kept nudging me about the great aunt connection. I wanted to know why would someone who was not very close to the client in life show up first and come in with such a strong connection? I started to doodle in my sketch book and heard the word “helper”. I do feel it must be because they are helping us with a situation in our life that we are learning. A lesson, a challenge, something a part of our soul path. Perhaps it’s something they even had knowledge in their own life about. They may be teachers or guides to us in certain parts of our life. What are your thoughts as a medium or someone who has received a reading before? Have you had someone in spirit come in who you weren’t very close to before? What was their message?

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Nicole Linde
Clairaudience & A Bat Spirit Animal

Many psychics and mediums tend to identify with one or two Clairs (psychic senses) as their strongest. I learned in classes that once you identify and become more comfortable with your dominant clair, others will start to develop. When I first started doing mediumship and psychic readings my strongest sense was clairvoyance.  I’ve been a visual artist for a long time and use that sense already as a tool to channel, express and communicate.

Over time I’ve become aware of other clairs developing. Clairsentience or clear feeling, is one of them. It’s the feeling sense. I had some fear with this sense at first. Opening up to feel within my body other peoples or their past loved ones emotions, traumas, and imbalances in my body seemed a little scary at first. Example, I’m connecting to a person in spirit, flowing with information they are giving me visually, and suddenly I feel tightness in my chest. This feeling that I identify in my chest is an impression the spirit is giving me. I feel like they died of a heart attack. The sitter confirms that this is how their loved one passed. Evidence through clairsentience sense can be very powerful and also nothing to worry about. I’ve found that the sensations and feelings move out of my body as fast as they move into it.  

Clairaudience or clear hearing has started to open up for me in the past couple months during readings. Some of the impressions I’ve received from hearing have been numbers, dates or months that are of importance to the clients passed loved one. Lately I’ve received some bits of the passed loved one I’m connecting with personality through hearing. For example, I may be having a connection to a grandmother in spirit, and suddenly I get a few words, or phrases she would have said. And a few nicknames have come through also. I am always amazed when I receive evidence though hearing because it’s so new to me. I think its always been there, like all the clair senses just waiting to be developed.

I recently had a dream that my inner ear was beginning to open up. In the dream I saw it separate from my head, and begin to bloom like a flower bud opening. There were rings of sound coming out like sonar.
In the same dream, I was in a barn surrounded by many animals. A bat flew over to me and landed on my shoulder. I was a little shocked at first but then understood that this bat was there to help me. It’s my spirit animal for helping to develop clairaudience :)

We all have the ability to tune into and develop our psychic senses. What are some of the things you hear? Do you hear people talking in your dreams?  Do you ever feel like you can hear your loved ones speak to you? 

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Nicole Linde
Spiritworld Connections & Messages


How much do we know about the spirit world? As a practicing medium, I get glimpses of peoples passed loved ones. Bits and pieces of their earthly selves. Like pieces of a puzzle, I might receive details about how they looked, their occupation, memories they shared with the client when they were alive. They may show me other loved ones, and animals in spirit they are with. Does this mean they are always hanging out with those specific people or animals? I don’t know, how energies operate and what they do on the other side is a mystery.

As a medium, one important element I have learned is to try and trust what I'm getting as much as possible. It's very easy to second guess oneself, fear of being wrong or receiving information that the client might not understand at that moment. Trusting oneself and finding courage to just keep going, and not be overly influenced by their body language (if I’m doing a video or reading in person) of the client. I've had moments where I thought everything I had to say might be completely off based on the clients body language, and when I check in with them, they’ve said they can take most of the information.

When I start a reading, what first comes into my awareness, is the amount of departed people I feel around the client. Example, I may feel grandma, a man (not sure relationship yet), 2 dogs, an motherly figure (not sure if it's step mom). I ask them in my mind "who wants to go first" and I feel the strongest energies. Sometimes tI get a sense of either the spirits or me waffling back and forth for a second or two, and I can't tell whose energy to focus on. It’s probably me, but I’ve also experienced a strong tugging of two spirits wanting to come in at the exact moment, and when I described this to the client, they laughed and said it makes sense because they fought a lot.
When I have several spirits at once, I get bits and pieces from everyone and it can be confusing for both the client and myself. A lot of the times a client is able to confirm information, but that it belongs to a few different people. I have to take a breath and ask spirit again for just one person to step forward and speak. When I feel one stronger then the energy and information becomes clearer.

Another thing I've noticed is there may be a person the client is wishing to connect with that I'm not picking up on. I usually ask after bringing through a connection or two if there is anyone else they'd like me to connect with. If there is and I still don't feel the spirit, I'll ask for their first name. Having just a name can help me feel their presence, draw their energy closer, and receive details about them. It's pretty amazing how all this works, I find it very magical. It's not an exact science at all, more of a feeling through receiving, channeling art form.

Another element that's come to my attention is people wanting to know what is their loved one is doing in the spirit world? That's an great question, and most mediums probably can't answer that with specifics. Why because we are mediums. We use ourselves, mind, body, soul, clair senses, as the instrument to mediate between worlds. We are not living in the spiritworld yet. We are here in this dimension on earth like everyone else, so most of the information we receive is in human format, and specific to when the spirit was in physical body. I have asked spirit when the client requests what they are doing. Most of the time, I get symbols that have to do with learning, and soul growth. I do feel like a lot of it has to do with reflection, healing and learning.

One last point I want to express is messages from our loved ones in spirit. During a reading after the medium connects to the person in spirit with details who they were, and a memory, we usually try to receive a message for the client from the spirit. Some mediums feel that the memories the spirit brings through is the message, or part of it. And other mediums strive to get an additional message. I try to do both. Sometimes the message is in the memories the spirit gives the mediums, and other times I receive additional messages.

The message might be signs that the loved one in spirit has sent them or will be sending them. Another might be helpful advice for the client in self care, or about an issue in their life at moment. It's important for the client to know that their people in spirit always want the best for them. They are speaking from a higher self, pure love egoless state. I also think it's important to know that you nor the medium can control the message from spirit. We articulate this the best we can in a loving manner.

An example, I may receive a map, after asking spirit what is the message they have is. In my minds eye I see and pick up on moving or traveling psychically with the client. I let the client know exactly what I saw and felt. The client expresses that they have been thinking of moving but feeling unsure. The person in spirit is showing that they are around you and support your decisions. I also may receive an image of a journal from spirit when I ask for a message and see the client writing. I tell them what I see, it may be that the client just started journalling. Or if the client doesn't write in a journal, it may be that the spirit is suggesting that journalling is what might be a healing way for the client to open up, express, and connect.

It's important to not try to manipulate the message. I have experienced one session where I got the message from spirit, but the client didn’t want that specific message and asked for me to get another message. I then received one more image, and this did not satisfy them either. I told the client I can't control what the message is and neither can you. In this case I understand this may not have be the exact message they expected, but perhaps it was what they needed? Mediums are not psychologists, nor grief counselors. We are messengers. We try to go about this in a caring and loving manner. A lot of healing can and does take place from meetings with psychics and mediums. Especially when everyone is open to receiving the love that comes through the spirit world.

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Nicole Linde
Spirit Visitation Dream

~ wrote this blog Nov 8, 2018 ~
Have you had a spirit visitation dream before? I’ve had visitation dreams from passed family members, friends, and a guide. Here are a few of mine that I’d like to share.

The other night I had a vivid dream from my friend who passed away when I was in my late 20’s. She wasn’t on my mind, and I realize often visitors like to surprise, as she did the other day.

One thing is clear with all the visitation dreams I’ve had. They are always crystal clear, very vivid like technicolor. I can often hear and feel the person. The dreams are always very loving, there isn’t anything scary about them. When I wake from a visitation dream, I feel as if I really met them, unlike other dreams.

In this visitation dream, my friend looked so healthy, like before she became ill. I said in my mind “Is that you?” She replied “Yes! It’s really me” Then she gave me a big hug. She also was holding a box that was white and translucent. She was giving me this as a gift.

When I woke up, I tried to recall the box and get closer to it. But I wasn’t able to understand it further then the dream. I hope the meaning will reveal itself another time.

Another strong memory of a visitation dream was shortly after my dad passed. I remember it being a few days before his funeral. Again it was very vivid and clear connection. He told me that he was ok, and don’t be too sad, he will be right here when I need him. Then he gave me a kiss right between my eyes and a little above. A third eye kiss.

Earlier this year, I was sick for a few months. I remember looking out the window before I fell asleep at the snowy tree. Suddenly I was standing under the tree with a group of my passed realatives. They all had their arms wrapped around me in a big group hug. They were wrapping me in white light and telling me everything is going to be ok.

These are just a few of the dreams I felt compelled to share. Thanks for listening and hopefully it will inspire you too.

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Nicole Linde
Be Brave Butterfly

***Did you know I have more blog posts at my art website www.nicolelinde.com
I will be adding them to this website blog soon, if you wish to read more please visit ‘spirit blog’ there.

***Remember back to a time when you needed to be brave... maybe it was yesterday, maybe a memory comes of childhood. A time when you followed your intuition and didn’t back down from your own fears, resistance or junk others projected into you💖What did it feel like before and after you went through the 🔥? Thank yourself for listening to the still voice inside, and ask how can I take that memory and apply it again to a situation I’m facing today. 🧚🏻‍♂️ Everything you need is already inside you. Change is always available if we allow our energies to flow in the alignment of our soul🥰

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Nicole Linde
The psychic medium in me ( a little history of how I became what I already was)

I’ve always been an explorer of the seen and the unseen. When I look back now in my life, it really doesn’t surprise me that I am choosing to develop as a psychic medium, or rather it chose me. Spirit is seeking connection with us all. I talk about some of my history in the last OBE blog, so some might be repetitive if you read that blog. We are all mediums naturally, but like other professions there are those who are drawn to it and developed their skills with practice, classes, workshops, school, etc.

I tried to write this blog as points within my life, like pieces of a puzzle, as I became more aware with my psychic nature/gifts. I’ve also had a lot of fear and resistance in the past when it came to my psychic gifts, so I would shut them down for periods of time. Like many of us, I didn’t have a mentor to help guide me through these experiences, nor did I have any idea what they were at times.
My first encounter with a professional psychic wasn’t until my late twenties when spirit put me in the right spot at the right time. I had that old stereotype of psychics as being an old woman with a crystal ball nonsense and almost taboo. And I certainly had no idea what a psychic medium was until my 30’s when I was once again put in the right place at the right time from spirit, and my grandma.

 I was a shy child and liked to play with imaginary friends. I loved to be by myself painting, drawing, writing or just observing the world. I felt like I could understand what people were thinking and feeling intuitively. I would purposely merge with their energies and emotions. Almost like putting on a coat. By doing this I realized that I was able to understand the person and their motives well, which now I understand was developed more of a survival skill from childhood trauma. But when you have trauma in your family early on, you adapt in your own way. Then it took me years to learn not to merge with other peoples energies all the time and develop healthier boundaries. Now, as a working & practicing psychic when I do this, it’s to merge with a persons aura, or energy field during a reading when they have allowed for this, so I can try to help the person. I also ground before and after to be careful not to take on their ’stuff’ after the reading is over.

As a teenager I became more sensitive to interactions with people. I began to want to escape more often. Being a teenager is difficult anyway, but I also had unhealthy boundaries and psychic sensitivities to accentuate it. At age 14, psychedelics became me main escape route for a good 2-3 years. They were a tool for me to become closer to the spirit world. I didn’t know what this world was, I just knew that it often felt more real and safe for me then the ‘real’ world. I loved the way it broke up time and space. I do believe these psychedelics helped to accentuate my sensitives and channeling, but abuse of them had consequences. Also, don’t think you need to take psychedelics to become aware of your psychic nature, meditation is a profound tool for opening up. I also would not recommend actively taking them or any other drugs/alcohol while you are developing psychic gifts. I’m a firm believer like many, of a life of sobriety for psychics. You need to be very clear in your own self and body to be sensitive enough to understand where all the energies are coming from when you’re channeling. What’s your energy, what is spirits, and what is the clients.

So anyway, I ended up in a hospital for depression and being suicidal when I was 16. I talk more about that experience in the last OBE blog. The hospital was a wakeup call for me to get sober and to care about myself. I threw my energies into art which helped me to continue to channel in healthier way through artistic expression and share these visions with others. I decided to go to art school to further enrich my artistic gifts.

One way I tried to cope with these psychic energies in school, and OBE’s I was had in class, was to sit by a large oak tree right outside my dorm. I would plant myself there for several hours feeling safe and grounded by the tree. I have a few friends school that have brought up this memory of seeing me sitting by that tree over the years. Another place I would visit was the beautiful large cemetery not too far from the school. I only knew one person buried there, but I always felt drawn to the grounding and peacefulness I felt there. I would sit and close my eyes and be still for an hour or so, and sometimes bring my drawing pad with.

In photography class we had an assignment to go to a business and investigate with our camera to show the world what we saw. Then give a presentation to the class with the prints. I decided to go to a funeral home, and cemetery to document what happens there.
Also, my husband recalls me dragging him to a cemetery near where we live now years ago and doing yoga there :) Even though I wasn’t religious, I was always sensing spirit, and consider myself a spiritual person, a seeker, a visionary.

I then studied abroad in a few countries. In Iceland, I befriended a raven who would sit in my windowsill every morning. I am convinced it sent me telepathic messages through my dreams. I met a very good friend there, Ragnhildur who was into forest spirits and ghost busting. I didn’t think of it much at the time, because I was so focused on my art project in Iceland, that only now it makes so much sense to me what she had told me about only a few months before she became ill.

Ragnhildur died about 5 years after I had met her. I’m a firm believer that we meet people for a reason. I’d gone back to Iceland several times to visit, and was grateful to visit with her only months before she passed. After she passed away, she came to me while I was sitting in my old apartment making a painting. She came to me clairvoyantly, her presence was so intense I nearly fell off my chair. She told me “I’m ok, I’m not in pain anymore.” Then I had impressions that we were both on a train, going opposite directions, I tried to jump out onto her train, I remember feeling like I didn’t want to let her go. She said “I’ll be around don’t be sad, but this is not your train ride yet” Then her train disappeared.

Shortly after her passing, I was with my husband at a restaurant/ lounge area about to meet up with a friend. There was a man reading cards at one of the tables. I felt like a magnetic pull towards him. My husband suggested that I go get a reading from him. This was my very first reading. The psychic told me I had some gifts and encouraged me to develop them. I told him about the ghost that I was seeing in our apartment during my sleep paralysis (see my OBE blog for story) to see if he could help me with that. He encouraged me to talk to the spirit. Often spirits that hang around on earth plane are lost and just need some direction. Perhaps I could help this spirit? Suddenly I heard the psychics birthday date in my mind, there was a feeling of a connection to one of my grandmas. I told him out of the blue this, and what my grandmas birthday was. He said had the same birthday as her! Thinking he was just humoring me, I made him show me his drivers license. Sure enough he had the same birthday. He told my husband who was sitting near by that I defiantly have gifts and encouraged me to develop them. (p.s. I don’t go around guessing birthdays, actually numbers are pretty new for me. I believe this was a type of evidence spirit gave to me at that sitting for a wake up call.) He offered to mentor me, so I could start developing and tuning into my psychic skills. I agreed to, but after a few weeks I ended up backing down out of fear of it all and didn’t contact him again.

As for the ghost in my apartment, I tried to help the spirit, but in this case, it was more the spirit was helping me. The spirit came to me in a very vivid dream, he showed me many images quickly in a sequence of fish, plants, earth, birds, animals, landscapes, the earth, space, babies, kids, adults…and he said “see we are all connected through this light” Then a gate and door with many windows appeared, he said “Do you want to see what’s on the other side?” I said “yes!” Immediately, I was standing in front of this gate, it opened and I had my hand on the doorknob, when fear struck. I said “no, no I can’t go in there, please take me back” And I woke up.

I didn’t see the ghost again, he tired, but I was blocking this channel that was starting to open. I did this around the next five years. I partied and had fun with friends, and over indulged and medicated myself to try and push my sensitive energies down. Let me tell you resistance just makes you miserable.

Spirit just kept trying to get my attention! I recall around that time my husband and I were out on a date in downtown. We were walking from the car to the restaurant and this woman started yelling something to us from across the street. I was ignoring and just keep walking. But my husband told me to wait and listen to what she is saying. We stopped for a second and she said to my husband “ She had some powerful gifts, she is very intuitive, but she doesn’t know it yet” I brushed her off and kept walking. My husband said to me “Well she’s probably right, you are really intuitive. You should look into it more. “

One of my grandpas died a few months after my first child was born. I was standing in my kitchen looking out the window doing the dishes while my was son swaddled napping on the sofa. It was a dreary and rainy day when suddenly the sun came out and part of a rainbow appeared in the sky. I felt my Papa’s presence near and got goosebumps. I heard him say “Don’t be sad, I’m in a good place. Look at that beautiful boy on your sofa, he is so precious, he is a gift. Go to him”.

About this time, I began to hear voices and sense spirits right before I would fall asleep at night. And I don’t mean the first stages of sleep, I wasn't asleep yet. I would be lying in bed relaxing when I would sense a group of people in a circle around me talking about what is best for me. It felt like a circle of loving parents speaking about what’s best for their child. I found it comforting when it would happen.

Right about the time we moved out of state, my son was 1 years old and my grandma died about this time. I remember she came to me in a vivid spirit visitation dream. She told me she had a lot of regrets in the way she parented her children. And to pass along the message to my mom. She also wanted to help me. Shortly after I saw an advertisement for a psychic medium on Facebook. I felt very drawn to this person, and they were going to be coming to do an event near our town. I felt like my grandma was guiding me there. I bought a ticket and went. The audience was a couple hundred people at least. I was sitting in the very back of the audience. The medium started to bring messages through and within a few pieces of evidence I knew it was for me, my grandma, everything about the evidence was her. The message the medium delivered ws message about her and my moms relationship, and then he focused in on me. He said “ You’re a psychic too? You are already in this line of work, that’s what spirit is saying to me.” I told him “No, no. I’m just interested, and felt pulled here.” He told me that I was very intuitive and to keep going in this direction, and that my grandma would be helping me by showing me signs.

This is when I really started to be open to all of this. And as you already heard, I was resisting it out of fear and skepticism for a long time. Even after this medium, it took me another two years before I began taking classes and workshops. And I went to two more well known mediums to see if it came up in their readings without me prompting them. They also picked up on this in me. I kept making art, and the next few shows I had were at a gallery that was focused on paranormal, metaphysical, death and spirits. It was across the street from a cemetery and all my paintings in the show there fit right in.

During the two years between that first psychic mediumship reading and when I began development, two more family members died. My dad and my other grandma. When my dad died. It really rocked my world. I had a premonition the night before he was rushed to the hospital. In the dream I saw an ocean and blue skies on the horizon. Everything was calm one second, and then storm clouds and several spirits with large heads floating across the horizon. They said “ We’re coming for your dad”. Despite the scary message, they had a calming voice and peaceful presence. I woke up and told my husband, who said that I was probably just worried about my dad. Later that evening we got the news he had 2 weeks to live.

I told my dad on his death bed to make sure and send me signs after he was gone. He kind of laughed but agreed. He wasn’t religious, nor did her really believe in the afterlife, but he had an open mind, and loved scifi and extraordinary events. I was in the room with him when he died along with other family. About a minute before the pronounced him dead, I received a clairvoyant image of a bouquet of red roses. I knew it was sent from him as a sign of love to us.

Over the years since he’s passed I have been fortunate to receive many beautiful signs, spirit visitation dreams, and other messages during mediumship circles. Also the day I was going to give birth to my second child, I went on a walk down to a stream near where we lived. I was watching the rushing flow of the water and thought this is the flow of life, this is what will happen today. I crossed the bridge over the stream and suddenly I saw my dad in a holographic form on the right side of my body for a few seconds. It was an amazing, comforting feeling, and I knew I was supported during this special day.

After my second child was born, it was like spirit was on a mission to get me to start to really take my gifts seriously. Things started to accelerate, and when I would resist out of old fear habits and skepticism, I would get sick, or feel really depressed. In the past year can I fully say that I’m 100% on board with spirit. I’ve taken classes, workshops, continual practicing with other psychics, mediumship circles, reading, etc. in the past two years now to learn, self develop (which is a big part of psychic development) and developing my skills as a medium. It’s amazing what happens when you are on a path that aligns with your soul. I’m not saying it’s all easy, not at all. But when I make mistakes, or have slow periods, or worrying at times of my next step, there is an openness about it all. A support, a higher purpose, a loving connection. Also a deeper trust in oneself that in turn cultivates faith and beauty outward. I seek to share this when connecting to others and in my readings. This is my spirituality, this is a part of me, my expression, my life and I’m just grateful that I’m in a really free space with it all.

I hope this little blog has helped you if you are in the space that I was in for so long. Really it all comes down to building trust within yourself, and spirit. If you are in a space where you would like to develop your skills, I highly recommend reading and taking courses with teachers you feel comfortable with. Find like minded people who support you and your growth. Also practice, practice, practice. With other intuitives, with friends or family members you feel comfortable with. We are all in a constant state of development. I love taking courses with teachers, I can’t soak up enough. Theres so much to learn always. After all we are all here to learn from each other.

-XO Nicole

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Nicole Linde